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Qualcomm Brings New Flagship Chipset

Qualcomm is the leading chipset maker for android smartphones and popular android smartphones mostly come with Snapdragon chipsets. The majority of android smartphones from midrange to flagship are powered by Snapdragon chipset by Qualcomm. This is due to the fact that Snapdragon is powerful enough to do multitasking, gaming, and give good camera performance. Until now the Flagship Snapdragon chipset was 855 and 855 plus that will be overtaken by Snapdragon 865. It was in the recent Qualcomm Snapdragon summit where new Snapdragon chipsets were introduced. Other than the new Flagship Snapdragon there were more chipsets including a midrange one and other for notebooks.


The new Snapdragon chipsets by Qualcomm for androids include 865 and 765 that will be used next year in smartphones. Snapdragon 865 is the flagship chipset for next year while Snapdragon 765 is the mid-range chipset. Both the chipsets support 5G and the 5G android phones will be working on these for 5G connectivity. Snapdragon 865 and 765 are similar in many ways as both of them have octa-core CPU and a new GPU. 5G support will be present in both and 765 will make 5g affordable for those only limited to affordable smartphones.

The performance will be good as it can perform multitasking, gaming, and also supports multi-camera setup so you can look forward to better cameras. Other than the two Android Chipsets Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon XR2 and Snapdragon 8c/7c. Snapdragon XR is part of the extended reality platform and will bring more for the Mixed Reality headsets. It supports CPU and GPU that will allow 3K graphics on each of the eyes with 90 FPS in Multi reality Headsets. It will also support 5G and many sensors so a 3D space automatically gets generated while you move around wearing headsets. Snapdragon 8c/7c are ARM-based chipsets made for fanless notebooks that got introduced.



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