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Qualcomm and MediaTek will not launch 7nm based SoC’s in 2018

MediaTek has its Helio-series of processors while Qualcomm relies on its Snapdragon-series. Currently, the best mobile chipset from their house is based on 10nm architecture. We all are looking forward to seeing more advanced technology from the house of these two chipset brands, but it looks like these two brands are not gonna introduce any futuristic technology regarding processors yet because of a valid reason about which we will discuss later in this article.

Image of the Qualcomm processor.
Image courtesy: anandtech .com

The present flagship processor from Qualcomm is its Snapdragon 835(64 bit) Octa-Core based on 10nm architecture, and recently they have unveiled the successor to this SoC which is the one and only Snapdragon 845(64 bit), this new processor is also based on the 10nm architecture. Though before the launch, the entire Tech community was expecting the new 7nm architecture for this chipset but sadly were left disappointed. Now same goes with the MediaTek as well, as it looks like they also will not launch any 7nm based processor in 2018.

Image of the MediaTek processor.
Image courtesy: hardwarezone

In case you don’t know what is “nm,” in brief description the smaller number in nm will enable the manufacturer to put more transistors which will further increase the performance and decrease the power consumption. As per Digitimes, both brands will rely on the 10nm process for this year as there is not a big leap from 10nm to 7nm regarding overall performance and it will also increase the cost of manufacturing chips while the demand of market is a low priced device which will bang for the buck experience. There is also a probability that the brands will skip the 7nm process and will directly introduce the TSMC’s 7nm+ based processors.

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