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PUBG to be added to Xbox Game Pass on 12th November

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is one of the most popular games nowadays especially on Android and iOS due to its free availability.

Microsoft is now adding PUBG to Xbox’s Game Pass subscription from 12th November. The addition to Game Pass means that those Xbox one users who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass which cost $9.99 will be able to play PUBG along with several other games.

[Source: PUBG]
It was rumored a few days ago that PUBG is going to launch on Sony’s PlayStation 4 in December but Microsoft made the move quickly before Sony and is adding the game to its console from tomorrow.

Microsoft has been working very much on Xbox Game Pass and is constantly pushing its service as it is also looking to make its game streaming service, xCloud public sometime next year.

The company has committed to release all of its first-party titles through Xbox Game Pass and the new subscribers will be able to the access the Game Pass services for as low as $1/month during the holiday season and after the addition of PUBG, Microsoft will see a lot of new subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft has paid for a year of exclusivity for PUBG on the Xbox One but considering that the game also comes to PS4 will further increase its popularity and will help the game to fight its rival, Fortnite.

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