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PUBG hit 200 million users same as Fortnite

 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version now has same numbers of users just like Fortnite at over nearly 200 million users, this was told by the company todayAround 30 million users play the game daily.

PUBG was also given the award of the best game of the year in Google Play. But Fortnite, whose parent company removed its app from the Google Play store in August in favor of distributing the app itself, was never eligible for that matchup.

[Source: Variety]
 It was reported by the news outlets that the 200 million player mark was hit by Fortnite by November 26th, so it is possible that more have started the game since then.

But you may also know that PUBG is not available for the users in China, which clearly indicates that PUBG has got ahead of Fortnite in popularity if everything is summed up. It also doesn’t include the more than 50 million copies sold of the paid version of PUBG on console and PC.

PUBG Mobile has been actively adding new features to the game on both Android and iOS. In my opinion, the game is just as good, if not the best, on mobile than on PC and consoles. The Royale Pass, PUBG Mobile’s take on Fortnite Battle Pass, and seasonal events have all made it to PUBG Mobile.

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