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PUBG Beta update for Android and iOS released

The PUBG beta update for Android and iOS is released. Publisher Tencent confirmed about this release on a Reddit post.

Many people thought that this update will bring something amazing but the PUBG beta update for Android and iOS patch notes have nothing special which will amaze the fans.

[Source: Variety]
PUBG did add some minor additions such as new chat options which will make teamwork a whole lot easier, enhanced control settings, and the MK 47 Mutant gun that’s been available on PUBG Xbox One and PC for a while now is now also available on Android and iOS.

At the moment, there is no specific release date for the PUBG Mobile beta update. Looking at the release of past beta updates which have lasted a couple of weeks at the very most.

We can say that this new PUBG beta update is going to follow the same path and we won’t be surprised to see the recently revealed Resident Evil 2 partnership be a part of the proceedings.

These were the new features mentioned in the PUBG beta update patch notes:

  1. MK47 Mutant: previously on Xbox One and PC, it is now also available on Android and iOS.
  2. Laser Sight Attachment: this enables the player to fire more accurately and the MK47 is just one of the many weapons that can make use of it.
  3. New control settings: players can change the screen layout with new preset and variable options.
  4. Additional chat options: dozens of scripted text and voice dialogue options have been added to make communication between teammates easier.
  5. New outfits.
  6. Bug fixes.

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