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PS5 Leaks Details On New Features By Sony

The gaming consoles are something that has made a huge gaming platform for everyone. Play Stations by Sony are one of the most popular gaming consoles. After some of the Platstations now Sony is closing to PS5 that is yet to come in the market. Many fans are waiting to see what Sony has for them in PS5 but it still hasn’t happened. Everyone was expecting the Play Station meeting 2020 to have happened by now but there is no word on it. It seems like the Playstation meeting 2020 will take some more time.

The leaks are on PS5 and a bit is now expected from the hardware on this console. While both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have similar core CPU and GPU a bit is different. There are no official words on it but leaks suggest some features and specs on Sony PS5. Both these consoles are close when it comes to performance and speed. Play Station does have a bit of upper had in storage speed and Sony also changed a bit about it. The hints on increased storage also seem to be getting real s now the storage might go to 2TB from the expected 1 TB.

Faster and better performance is something that everyone needs but console also needs to be affordable. SSDs and HDDs are not very cheap and so increasing the storage can force the manufacturer to price the product at a higher rate. To keep PS5 affordable enough for everyone so Xbox series X doesn’t become a better option Sony is not using 980 EVO drives. Sony is using Samsung 980 QVO to keep the console budget-friendly instead of expensive 980 EVO drives. This console also has feature that allows you to install the limited part of games like the offline or online multiplayer etc.

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