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Pokemon Quest is now available on the Google Play Store for Pre-registration

Pokémon Quest is now available on the Google Play Store as of now for pre-registration only. Earlier Nintendo launched their Pokemon Go Pikachu Quest and later Go Evee Quest, but this one is different gameplay style and requires you to build an army of Pokemon and get them ready for battles to take on other Pokemon trainers. Here you don’t have search and catch Pokemon’s like Pokemon Go, but you tempt them to your camp using pokemon food. While the graphics are based on cubes, similar to a lego character. You also have to roam around the island collect items, and if a wild pokemon appears, then you have to knock it down, with your partner pokemon. Speaking about the island, you can also decorate it with Pokemon items.

It seems like a 3D Pixelated graphics to be exact and looks quite colorful and refined. The pre-registration is now available. However, it may not show up in all regions around the globe, and you have to be patient until Nintendo makes a full global release. For users in India, the registration is working. The Quest gameplay has fluid animation, and you get points for every single move.

Pokemon Quest
Image Courtesy: play store. com

The game system requirements are at least 2GB of RAM on your phone, requires Android version 4.4 or above and does come with in-game microtransactions if you want to upgrade certain features. For devices running Snapdragon 710, you might have to wait, as this will take time to get optimized for those devices.

Pokemon Quest Pre-Registration link

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