Pokemon Go’s now has better AR experience due to Apple’s ARKit

Apple’s ARKit just received a massive flex of muscle with the popular Augmented reality game Pokemon GO, now has started using its new AR framework for its the game’s mechanics in the latest update. Apple touted the ARKit as the future of AR for mobile devices and after Niantics, most successful franchises start using it, Apple’s position in the market will get much stronger than ever. While on the other hand, Google pulls the plug out of it’s Tango phones(software+hardware AR ready phones) in favor of its software alone AR Core.

However, Apple has a head start in this space right now, but Google isn’t far behind. Now let’s see what the new Pokemon Go brings by using Apple’s ARKit, starting with the tracking as we have seen in the demo during Apple’s iPhone X launch event the 3D tracking in the real-world environment was nothing short of really good. And this now also holds true with the Pokemon’s now sticking to their position in the world more tightly than ever and as you start moving closer to them the more detailed it gets, probably a few inches closer not much.

Pokemon Go
Image Courtesy: pokemongolive. com

Furthermore, the Pokemon will now sense that you’re getting closer to them and will also run away from you, this is a great addition and will now give you an idea of when it runs away, this is possible because of an awareness meter which gets displayed next to them. Earlier it used to roll away without any indication, after wasting several poke balls.

Lastly, the more you catch by getting closer to them, the better you have the chance of earning excellent catching rewards. Overall, the ARKit’s implementation with Pokemon is a massive step for the framework which with iOS 11, and many more famous titles will start using it in the future.

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