PlayStation 5 has it’s News confirmed by Sony

One of the most popular gaming consoles out there for playing games all over the world. PlayStation is part of Sony and it’s one of the leading gaming consoles with games that are popular worldwide. The newest PlayStation by Sony will be PlayStation 5 in this gaming console series. It’s just announced and is going to launch next year somewhere between the holiday sessions. The gaming consoles by Sony or PlayStation have a wide variety of games that have some quite handful ones with good pieces. The gaming console itself isn’t cheap so you can expect PlayStation 5 to be expensive.

playstation 5

This new version of PlayStation has its own difference and upgrades and new things can be seen. The biggest change in its storage is SSD based, other than that there is more into the controllers. The controllers have a new design and features that include haptic feedback and triggers that adapt. The user interface is upgraded with better features and then there is 3d audio rendering in PlayStation 5. The changes that Sony made are sure to make a difference with the haptic feedback that gets more of the feedback than the older tech. The adaptive triggers will be replacing the R2 and L2 buttons and you will see the change here.

The controllers will be upgraded to USB C from micro USB while there will be custom designs and better handling for users. The company still wants more users on its platform without changing the experience of games. Some more specs of this new PlayStation include custom GPU with higher graphics computing of 8K. The PlayStation 5 still remains compatible with PlayStation 4 and it’s a great thing and news for PlayStation users. Next year it is the summer that comes with PlayStation 5.

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