Pixel devices to soon get transcription support for call screening feature

Google Assistant call screening feature was debuted with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL at launch and this feature is now being rolled out to older Pixel devices and now these devices will also get transcription support too.

This feature allows Google Assistant to pick up calls that it suspects are spam before letting users decide if they want to answer and the transcription of phone calls.

Google Pixel 3 Call Screening
[Source: TheNerdMag]
Currently, when you receive any spam call then that call will be picked up by Google Assitant and you will be able to see the transcription of the conversation as it is happening in the real.

Once the call is ended, there is no way that users can see that transcription of the conversation again.

It is confirmed by one of Google’s representatives on Google Support forums that this feature will be rolled out to Pixel 3 device at the end of this year and the transcripts of the calls will be saved automatically in the Call Log(Call Details) after the call ends.

This feature will be available to the Public beta tester of Google Phone app first and then to the rest of the Pixel 3 users at the end of this year.

The call screening feature is now rolling out to the rest of the Pixel devices including Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL followed by the other Pixel devices. After the feature comes to your phone, you will have to do nothing. The feature will be enabled automatically.

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