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Pixel 3 Buds Seen In Leaks

There are multiple gadgets that we use every day and some of them might not important but we actually need them all the time. The involvement of smartphones in our life has increased the need for its accessories as well. Some of the audio accessories have gotten popular recently and wireless earbuds are one of them. Most of the tech companies are bringing their wireless earbuds since last year. Google has come up with the Google Pixel Buds to compete in the market and it is time for Pixel Bud gen 2 but leaks are out on Pixel Buds 3 as well.

Pixel Buds Generation 2 is around the corner and a patent seen recently showed the Pixel 3 Buds. Not much was seen in the patent but a rough idea on the third-gen of Google Pixel Buds is revealed. The smaller size and few upgrades are a sure thing in the third-gen of the wireless buds by Google. These will be upgraded for sure but since Pixel Buds 2 are not seen yet things are not so clear. A lot of things are expected from Pixel buds as other brands are on wireless buds as well.

Following the yet to release Pixel Buds 2 that are going to be the current best performer by Google this is new. A smaller size design with better battery life and some smart features Pixel 3 Buds should be around next year. The design looks like a trimmer shape that is convenient for fit as these are going to be in-ear type. From the current changes seen in new gens of wireless headphones, Pixel 3 Buds will surely get better Noise cancellation. Pixel Buds 3 are still a long way as Pixel 2 Buds have yet to come.

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