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Google Pixel 2 reportedly might have a purple flare issue in the front camera

When Google launched its second-gen Pixel devices, everyone started comparing it to other flagships, and one point which gave them an edge over the others was that they had an astounding camera. However within one week, the first batch of Pixel devices began showing its set of problems starting from the hideous looking display when tilted to sounds heard from the earpiece; Google has to push out two statements about these issues in the first week, which isn’t a good sign for a flagship device at all. And here we have another aspect with the little Pixel 2 device, and this time it shows a purple flare when you take snaps from your front camera.

However, this issues isn’t reported by every other phone so it’s still a rare problem and hasn’t affected even affected half a dozen devices. Now when you launch the front camera in low light, you will start seeing a purple flare at the bottom corner, as you can see in the image below. The issue was first reported by the top contributor in the pixel community forums.

Image Courtesy: Alex Popko

Interestingly, only three users so far have encountered this issues, and the root issue s still unknown on why this is happening. Maybe because due to the latest update that Google is pushing out or perhaps the camera hardware develops such defect after a few months? It could be anything, and we hope it’s not a hardware problem, and Google looks into this and figures out what’s the actual case. The Top contributor has forwarded this issue to his colleagues to see if they can replicate it or not.

Don’t panic and wait for more evidence about this, as the updated devices maybe have developed the flare? You can join the conversation here in the Google community forums or comment down below if you have seen such flare in the front cam of your Pixel 2.


Source: theandroidsoul

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