Oppo Watch

Oppo is ready to jump into the smartwatch market with its upcoming smartwatch and it is called Oppo Watch. The company has revealed its design and you can see by looking at its photos that it will be a hit in the future. Oppo is trying to give competition to Apple in every way possible and Oppo Watch is somehow similar to the Apple Watch in design. One thing is confirmed that the upcoming Oppo Watch will not be that much experience as compared to the Apple Watch so don’t worry about the price. Here are some of the features that we know will come in the watch it seems:

  • Oppo Watch will run on Wear OS by Google and Wear OS is quite good.

  • Oppo Watch will come in two sizes, 41mm and 46mm.

  • Both sizes will have different colour schemes. The smaller one will come in Black, Pink Gold and Mist Silver and the big one will come in two colours, Glossy Gold and Black.

  • Both the Oppo Watches are pretty different when it comes to connectivity because the Big one will support 4G connectivity and the smaller one will only support Bluetooth and WiFi connection.

  • The battery life is claimed to be good because Oppo claims that the watch can run for almost two days on a single charge.

These are some key specs that you should know about the upcoming Oppo Watch. The first sale is in September for the smaller one and it will cost around $300 whereas the bigger model will be available in October and it will be priced around $500. Let’s see what Oppo has got for their users this time.

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