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Opera introduces a cryptocurrency feature in its Android App

Opera is introducing blockchain technology in its browsers to reach new audiences who are interested or curious about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

It was announced by Opera that its app for Android is a now a “blockchain browser” with easy access to the Ethereum blockchain.

[Source: Logos Discovery Engine]
A built-in cryptocurrency wallet has been introduced by Opera on its Android app, the company announced today at a blockchain event in London.

This wallet is going to support Ethereum at the moment, and for other coins, support will come later. Ether investors using Opera would potentially be able to more easily access their tokens using the feature.

A private beta version of the Opera Android for Android crypto-wallet was rolled out in July, which can be used to store Ethereum and access Ethereum-based decentralized apps, or ‘Dapps’.

The idea behind this feature is to lay a base foundation for the Web 3.0 where apps aren’t installed on a phone but instead are powered by decentralized networks and for transactions cryptocurrency is used.

To use this feature of cryptocurrency wallet users have to first download Opera on Android, unfortunately, its not available for the iOS users. After installing the Opera purchase some ether tokens to store inside.

From there, users can access have to a selection of different mini-apps found inside the browser.

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