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OnePlus TV has its sneak peeks

OnePlus is another one of the tech giants and with a large customer base, it has people following up for new products. The OnePlus Android devices are known for premium quality and great customer satisfaction. It is a new and different thing for OnePlus to come up with a TV that everyone is looking forward to. Most of the people are aware of the OnePlus TV that is most probably going to be released soon. It’s the OnePlus event when the new OnePlus TV will be announced along with OnePlus 7T. Looks and specs were still unknown until recently when CEO of OnePlus official posted about it on a tweet.

OnePlus TV

CEO of OnePlus has posted a pic of OnePlus TV that gives off the looks and major leaks before the launch. The picture shows some physical hints about the bezel and quality etc of the product. There were all types of leaks on the display quality, interface, the supported services, etc and the only thing left was how it actually looked like. This look was finally revealed by the CEO posting it on social media right before the day of release. OnePlus 7T and OnePlus TV both were to be released on 26th in the same event and this pic is a huge teaser.

The picture is clear and nothing like the low-quality leaks on OnePlus TV that were available so far. Not the major leaks but the physical appearance are now clear and it looks nothing special as for looks. Just like any smart TV, it doesn’t give anything unexpected the TV is mounted on the wall. It shows the interface as custom and probably doesn’t have the stock Android TV features. The TV seems to work with the smartphone and there are hints of services available or supported on it.

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