Oneplus to setup their second Headquarter in India.

As the smartphone market is on a thriving growth over the globe, it is competitive to retain sales ratio for many manufacturers. And among various marketplaces out there, India is arguably the most significant one which is in the focus of many smartphones manufacturer including OnePlus.

However, seeing the satisfaction in sales ratio OnePlus is also planning to set up their second HQ in India.

In an Interview with Forbes India just prior from the launch of most anticipated flagship device OnePlus 6,  ‘Pete Lau’ the CEO of OnePlus expressed his interest in opening the next global headquarters in Bangaluru which is also termed as the “Silicon Valley” of India.

OnePlus certainly believe that growing Indian marketplace is only responsible, for which they have attained a threshold which crosses $1 billion marks in the last fiscal year. And also brings close to  $1.4 billion revenue from the Chinese giant.

“India is super important to us. We are looking at it as a place to have our second headquarters as a company. Bengaluru is most likely where the headquarters will be based. The stating of two headquarters (Shenzhen and Bengaluru) is a possibility”.

As a second Headquarters, there will be a house of own dedicated team which includes product managers, but the primary focus shall be on research and development. Adding more to that Lau further said it’d be interesting as ‘all the decision making would be coming out of the team here in India — in the creation, evolution, and development of products for the company.’

The company currently acquires approximately 60 employees in India, however, in the upcoming weeks there would probably be a hike in the total count, which could significantly increase once the second HQ in Bengaluru gets finally confirmed.

 OnePlus 6

Apart from that Pete Lau also showed his concern about “Make in India” project as he shared that OnePlus is trying to put more emphasization on this aforementioned project. Moreover, they are also trying to contribute more by getting tied up with local contract manufacturers to make their phones locally and is now finalizing plans to set up component manufacturing and sourcing in the country. Lau doesn’t want to see OnePlus setting up an in-house manufacturing facility to avoid piling up assets, but instead, it’ll focus on ‘Make in India’ program to build its phones.

OnePlus phones have been sold exclusively online from the beginning, however, now the company is also focusing on their offline presence, by setting up its experience store across the country. Apart from that they also plan to expand their experience stores in 10 more cities across the country. Along with that 100+ Croma store partnerships in major cities are also in the pipeline.

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