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OnePlus releases its latest OnePlus Switch App on Play Store

OnePlus has recently launched its flagship OnePlus 5T smartphone and a few days back Android 8.0 Oreo Beta was revealed for the device, but today we are not here to tell you that old news, recently OnePlus has released its new application for Google Play store. Now all OnePlus fans will be curious to know that what this app did to their smartphone but wait, this app is not designed for the OnePlus users, yes you heard it right so without wasting any time let’s jump to detail information about the app.

OnePlus switch
The image is showing the new OnePlus switch app.
Image courtesy: android7update .com

As the name of the application suggests “OnePlus Switch” this app will allow the users to switch to a OnePlus device without any hassle easily. So basically with this application one can transfer data from his/her old device to the new OnePlus device, you can transfer Video, Music, Texts, Contacts, any data through this app. It works similar to other data sharing apps like Xender, Shareit, etc. This is not a new development as Apple already offers an app known as Move to iOS which helps the Android users to easily switch to iPhone.

OnePlus switch app for android
Image of the OnePlus switch app.
Image courtesy: .com

The app is small at 8.64MB, and it can move apps as well, but OnePlus said that currently moving app data is not included in the app but in future updates, it will get fixed. One of the biggest advantages of this app is that it can run on an Android device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above. It is fast and free; if you are looking for a new OnePlus device then you can install this app as it will transferring data with this is an ease. The app shows an engaging animation while transferring data which is a kind of add-on.

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