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OnePlus Devices To Get Google Assistant Ambient Mode

As technology develops new things are coming around more and more. The number of features that we are getting on our devices keeps getting bigger. For starters, we get features on limited devices and services but then they get more accessible. The same is with the Ambient Mode that you must have come through one way or another. This Ambient Mode is a smart feature that makes your screen work proactively showing some information. This information shows you clock and calender etc that you can access on-screen. While your device is inactive the screen works to show you some of the things without consuming power excessively.

Mostly devices like TV and Smartphones come with this feature of Ambient Mode. Not all android devices come with Ambient mode but all the devices with 8.1 version of android come with ambient mode. Now, this mode is coming with the popular Google assistant that comes with all the android devices. The ambient mode can be seen while the device is getting charged. You can now access Google assistant in ambient mode and also control your smart devices like speakers and lights etc. Weather, clock, reminders, music player, etc are all accessible as proactive information on your screen with Ambient mode.

The Google Assitant Ambient mode is yet to be seen and is set to be featured on OnePlus device soon. The feature is yet to come on OnePlus and this will be similar to the smart displays and Pixel stand that have two parts of this. The lock screen will let you have the small information and by tapping on it you can have more of the proactive information. Android Oreo and newer versions will come with Google Assitant with some other companies other than OnePlus also confirmed to have it.

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