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OnePlus Coming Up With a New Budget Smartphone Super Soon

We heard a lot of rumours about the upcoming device from OnePlus. The upcoming device from OnePlus will be a tribute to OnePlus X which was the first smartphone from OnePlus. OnePlus will make this upcoming device affordable and rich with new features. We can’t confirm the name of this upcoming device because it’s called by different names right now. People call it OnePlus Z and some call it OnePlus Lite. It is rumoured that this new phone will be the OnePlus Nord series. OnePlus will come out with a great device for sure.

The price of the upcoming OnePlus device won’t be high because it will be an easily affordable device with great specifications. OnePlus will pack it up with new technology and it won’t lack any trending feature for sure. This is the new beginning for OnePlus because now the company makes devices which are of flagship-level with a high price. Previously the brand used to make devices with good features and affordable price and OnePlus is trying to do that again with this upcoming device. There are a lot of rumours about this new device but there is no permanent confirmation from the company about any specs of the device.

OnePlus is likely to launch the device in mid-July and there are Tweets that confirm something is coming soon from OnePlus. Just hang tight and don’t save a lot of money because the OnePlus Nord or the OnePlus Z won’t be expensive. The device will come in everyone’s budget without any problem and it is likely to come in Blue colour as some of the tweets confirm.

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