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OnePlus Buds: Better Than AirPods?

OnePlus surprises their users every time with some new technology of their own. We have Warp Charge from OnePlus and it is a very fast charging technology of their own. People like OnePlus because of the speed of their devices and the charging speed of OnePlus devices. OnePlus provides OxygenOS and it is the best OS you can ever get with a lot of customisations and OxygenOS is very fast in terms of speed. OnePlus is trying to take over the smartphone market as soon as possible and the company is trying their best to do it.

We will see OnePlus Buds soon and they are from OnePlus so they won’t be bad. OnePlus Buds will be nice in terms of sound for sure and the Buds from OnePlus will have some more features too. You will get a fast charging technology in OnePlus Buds and that is Warp Charging. OnePlus Buds will charge way faster than the AirPods and they will even last longer than the AirPods from Apple. OnePlus Buds are similar to AirPods but it’s not the fault of OnePlus because almost every buds that we have in the market looks the same.

OnePlus Buds will come in a very attractive colour and that is Blue. Even the case of OnePlus Buds is larger than the Apple AirPods and the Buds are slightly larger too. It will be a perfect fit for a lot of users because they find AirPods shaking while running or doing any exercise but OnePlus Buds won’t shake because they are slightly bigger and will fit perfectly. OnePlus will launch the Buds on 21 July along with their upcoming mid-range smartphone OnePlus Nord.

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