Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro Receives OxygenOS 11 Update

The oxygenOS 11 is now being rolled out for the Oneplus 8 and oneplus 8 pro users can download it on their devices and upgrade the software of their smartphones to Android 11. Android 11 has been launched for quite a while and now the last generation oneplus phones are going to receive it which brings a lot of new features to the operating system and we will tell you all about it in this article. Before updating your smartphone to the latest OS make sure your phone is charged to at least 30% and you have at least 3GB storage that is free on your smartphone.

Oxygen OS 11 brings many new features to the oneplus 8 and oneplus 8 Pro you will notice it in the user interface of your phone. The user interface is freshly built for the new operating system and it will give you a more comfortable experience with a lot more optimization on the part of oneplus which will translate to a better overall experience for the end user. Users will now be able to switch between day and night time based on their surroundings and how they want to use their smartphone and it will affect the lighting on their smartphone which will be easy on the eyes of the user and dramatically change the the user interface.

Fanatic mode has been one of the best gaming modes in any smartphone now it gets even better because now the users will be able to switch between three ways they want to receive notifications while they are playing their favorite game. Oneplus has also added and always on ambient display function which you can set according to your preference and it is a huge improvement.

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