OLED Vs. LCD : Which One You Should Choose

The battle between OLED and LCD panels in smartphones has been going on for a long time now. Both technologies have their benefits and shortcomings but the OLED panel has been the preferred screen to be used on all the major flagship devices because of many reasons and we will explore them in this article. Even when given a choice between a high refresh rate LCD panel for a 60 hertz OLED panel, the majority of smartphone users will choose the OLED panel for the smartphone.

If you have never used an OLED panel on your smartphone then you are missing out because it is one of those things that make a huge difference in your day-to-day life when you are using your smartphone. The most obvious difference between the two panels is that OLED can be turned on partially which means you do not have to power on the whole screen to see a little information on the screen and in pitch Black you will only see pixels on the screen which are eliminated where as you will see the whole LCD panel light up when you are trying to use it, even if you are just trying to look at the notifications.

You will be able to make out the differences very clearly in taka conditions where you can see the LCD panel light up completely and it does not give you the premium feel that you would otherwise get using the OLED panel. OLED panels are also efficient which means you will get a better battery life because only the required pixels are getting power and you also get deeper blacks because the black parts on the screen are not getting any power at all and they will appear to be completely black which will give it a nice look.

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