Official Announcement on COD Mobile is finally here

Mobile gaming wasn’t such a big thing until the PUBG mobile took the pace like Strom with millions of players now. Next to it has come the COD mobile with most of the mobile gamers having an eye on it. There was a beta version that players played and liked but the beta server was closed eventually. After the close of beta servers, the game is awaited globally for an official stable version. Now finally a ray of hope is shown by Call of duty: Mobile on twitter with a sneak peek and an announcement about the game.

COD Mobile

This will be a stable and worldwide release of the game making it available to all for free. Call of duty has always been favourite of gamers on PC and now it’s mobile version finally is announced. It has a hype that can be compared to PUBG in sense of FPS games on mobiles. The game will be out for both iOS and Android devices just like the beta version. The playing modes in and game and features were teased by the tweet along with the video. There are different modes, maps, characters, and a better battle royale gameplay.

The date mentioned on a tweet by Call of Duty: Mobile is October 1st and it’s official now for all. Some countries might not get the game right with release and it can be a bit delayed for them. The trailer is out now and a pre-registering link to get early access. There are modes like team deathmatch, domination, free for all, etc that you can play. Maps are picked from the older COD games and you can have the mobile experience of the PC game. The battle royale is available for up to 100 players so it is pretty much the same with that.

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