Nvidia’s Maxine : All You Need to Know

Nvidia has launched a new feature for its users which will help them overcome the greatest challenge faced when they are on a video call. The recent pandemic has made video calling an essential part of our everyday lives. all the students are now required to participate in their classes using video calls because they can no longer go to their schools because of the risk of getting sick. Video calls come with many challenges such as the poor quality of your, your eyes looking at the screen instead at the camera which makes the user think that you are not paying attention etc.

Nvidia has come out with their maxine platform which will give you a solution to the greatest challenges faced while video calling. Nvidia is trying to solve the two greatest problems faced by people who use calling regularly which is face alignment and the poor video quality by which they have to communicate with other people. The first problem will be tackled by Nvidia’s maxine gaze correction and face alignment.

If you are on a video call and you are trying to look at the other person on your screen then your eyes will be pointed towards the screen and not at the camera which will come off as not looking straight in the eyes but the new new feature from Nvidia will make you appear to be looking straight at the camera even when you are looking at the screen which will be very helpful. the other feature from Nvidia will intelligently reanimate the face of the users so they can communicate over video call at a very high resolution without using a lot of bandwidth because most of the processing is done locally on their devices rather than being sent over the internet.

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