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Now Android devices can stream Xbox One Console

Streaming was good enough already and now Microsoft came up with a new feature that lets you stream Xbox one console on Androids. It is a new feature that just came out and it is as good as it seems as now Android will be streaming your game for you. The feature works on all the Xbox one games as well as Xbox 360 games that are on your console. This is quite a new feature and currently, the Xbox one testers are capable of trying it out. The Xbox one tester that includes insiders of programs such as alpha and alpha skip ahead.

It works on all the games that are on your Xbox one console and not much is needed to use this feature. Some basic minimum requirements are still there before you decide to stream your Xbox One game on your android device. Microsoft hasn’t stated anything about the feature coming to iOS and so you have to be on an Android device to use it. Among the androids, the android 6.0 and above are good enough with the Bluetooth version 4.0. A good internet upload speed of 4.7 Mbps minimum and 9 Mbps recommended for a good experience of streaming.

Network latency is also very important if you want a good experience and it should be 128 ms but for the best experience, it should be around 60 ms. You also need to set your Xbox one console on instant on from the power menu. A wireless Bluetooth controller is also required for connecting to your smartphone along with the app that allows you to stream on Android. Xbox game streaming app is available on Google play store and you need to install it to use this feature.

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