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NordVPN to Use New NordLynx Technology

While the number of internet users has increased over time people have become more conscious. There have been too many incidents of cyberattacks and data breaches over the last few years. This lead to better internet security and for starters, people started using VPNs to keep their browsing private. One of the many popular VPNs available out there is NordVPN that has a large number of active users. For such huge companies, it is important to improvise and it seems like NordVPN is up for it. New technology is getting used by NordVPN to increase internet speed for users.

The technology used by NordVPN is called NordLynx and it is said to improve the internet speed significantly. The company has used WireGaurd and Nordlynx on the client it has. NordVPN users around all the platforms can benefit this change as Android, iOS windows all clients are supported for it. While NordVPN has claimed that it improved the speed the company has also test it through the 256,886-speed tests. These tests showed that a user that connects to a VPN server through CDN while they not being too far can get better speed. Both the upload as well as download speed increase for the user as per the tests.

It is a big issue for many internet users that the speed degrades with VPN and this might just be the solution. According to NordVPN users might be able to see double the usual internet speed from the same servers. For now, the VPN protocols used are OpenVPN and IPSec that seen to not be up to mark. This new protocol WireGaurd has come a long way with great development. Older protocols are said to be less secure and for the same reason NordVPN came up with this change.

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