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Nokia Sleep is a sleep tracker with Home automation

Finnish tech giant Nokia is also at CES 2018 and has brought some innovative gadgets for smart home use. This one is a new product for its line-up of sleep tracking intelligent devices; the company calls it Nokia Sleep, a smart sleep, and home automation pad.

With its advanced sensors, this will monitor your sleeping cycles, Snoring patterns and will also keep a check of your heart rate. Nokia is calling it a complete sleep solution. You just place this device on your bed sheet or bed mattress, and it will do its magic. Everything about your sleep patterns can be found in a particular app(the Health Mate app), which you need to download on your phone and all stats related to your sleep session is recorded. And an overall score is given to your sleeping performance.

Now moving towards, the home automation part, here it connects to your WiFi and starts communication with all your smart home devices, such as auto-lights, when Nokia sleep detects you are about to sleep, it commands the lights automatically to turn off. Similarly, if you have a smart thermostat, it can even control that, also works with devices which incorporate¬†IFFT standard. It takes voice commands with the help of Amazon’s advance voice assistant, ALEXA.

Nokia has priced this sleep tracking device at just $99, and this seems like a good deal, with Amazon Alexa home automation, you’re also getting a sleep tracker, which no other smart home-automation device offers. Google home mini is just for $49, but then again you are missing the sleep monitoring witchcraft.



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