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New VR Chips Headset Design By Qualcomm

Currently, there is no near end to how far we might go in the development of any technology accessible right now. Such unexpected and amazing technology with a lot of potential include AR and VR. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality both are similar technology. AR technology is a bit more sense of performance and close to reality experience while VR has developed more. There are VR gadgets that are available right now in the market and now the newer VR gadgets are also capable of AR. Qualcomm has made such glasses before and now it is making more of these. While there is some development in these few things remains similar to the last glasses.

The new AR/VR glass design by Qualcomm got revealed recently and these are the latest in AR/VR technology by Qualcomm. For keeping up with the latest features like 5G the glass will come with Snapdragon XR2 chipset. The prototype design revealed is made by Goertek a company that has worked with Qualcomm previously. In this new AR/VR glass the upgrades and new features are possible due to the use of Snapdragon XR2 chipset. With 5G support, the glasses will also have 7 different cameras ported in it.

Snapdragon XR2 chipset was released recently among the other 5G chipsets by Qualcomm. This chipset is made for the AR/VR products only and is capable of 3K resolution for each eye. While the chipset can do a lot these glasses are only having 2K display panels for each eye. There have been some other AR/VR glasses as well but the company believes that this product has features that a premium AR/VR glass should have. The new glasses by Qualcomm will support multiple cameras that track eyes, lips, and external space to give a realistic experience.


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