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New Survey of AI taking over human’s jobs ruled out by Fortune 500 globalists

Artificial Intelligence the new revolution in the tech industry has been booming, and most major fortune 500 tech-based companies believe that AI is the future. Despite the fact that, there’s a high possibility that these thinking machines can take over human’s jobs without dropping a sweat and can work more hours.

However, the fear about intelligent machines taking over jobs got a back seat when the US-based CRM Digital automation firm Pegasystems conveyed that the idea of advance smart machines should co-exist with humans. And this belief of AI and human workforce concept has been in the minds of these billion dollar tech organizations, so it is not likely that AI will completely replace humans causing a massive panic as a large population may lose jobs.

AI vs Human's Jobs Survey
Image Courtesy: 1.pega. com

Pegasystems conducted a survey in which 800+ high-profile senior executives participated, in the quest of finding out the join strike of human+AI working together is acceptable or not. And the response was highly positive so far, with 69 % participants agreeing with this idea of co-existence.

Furthermore, 78% executives also believed that personnel augmented with AI will be highly productive and can work plentiful efficiently, making the firm’s customer satisfaction rate much higher than ever, due to the sheer fact that customers will get service 24/7.


AI vs Human's Jobs Survey
Image Courtesy: 1.pega. com

Another report suggests that 73% are accepting the fact that, humans worker won’t be happy to work with an AI leader. Moreover, it is also understood that in the next years the use of AI to evaluate the human workforce’s progress/productivity will be compensated thus making the whatever the work they do to be more precisely. As time passes by deep, learning machines can watch everyone’s productivity with grain level details compared to a typical human supervisor.

Lastly, the jobs at Fortune 500 will be bisected or might even diminish to a more than 40% in the coming future.


Source: Pegasystems


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