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New Splash Screen feature for Android being tested by WhatsApp

Everyone keeps working on new features and updates and now WhatsApp is reported to be working on a new feature. The feature of the Splash screen is being tested by WhatsApp for Android devices. Splash screen feature is the new screen the shows up on launching the app. WhatsApp’s beta tester has reported that WhatsApp is working on such a light splash screen feature that is available on the beta version. It’s the beta version 2.19.297 that is having the new startup screen that is called the splash screen feature.

Splash Screen feature for Android being tested by WhatsApp

At the moment the feature is used in beta version for androids and no information on iOS is available. The same feature is also seen in the WhatsApp business app that has a new launching screen. It’s also suggested that WhatsApp is working on another one of these launch screens. The dark splash screen feature is also getting thoughts that will have icons put up on dark backgrounds. Moreover, the dark splash screen feature might work automatically on dark theme enabled devices supporting dark mode. There are different features getting reports on features in beta for android while WhatsApp is giving new features to iOS as well.

Not long ago WhatsApp gave a new feature to iOS devices that allow them to send memoji like stickers while chatting. The feature is supported on iPhone X and above for now and might be available for older devices in the future. There are some other features that iOS already have while Android has it in the beta phase so far. Features like playing voice notes from the notification panel and editing and sending media easily with the doodle icon on WhatsApp.

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