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New software testing Method to be used by Apple for iOS, MacOS, iPadOS, WatchOs

Apple is the type of tech giants that are on top of the list and have been this way for some time now. The high labelled brand has many different tech products that go from smartphones, watches, and laptops, etc. Apple has kept itself completely incomparable to other brands by using its own Os for each of these products. With its own operating system, Apple has made its products optimized and featureful to the extent that suits marketing. The operating system by Apple, however, has been buggy for past many updates and sometimes it’s minor while other times these are major bugs. Now Apple has decided to make changes in the process of developing and rolling out the operating system on its products.

New software testing Method by Apple

To ensure that users or customers don’t have to go through unwanted trouble of bugs these changes have been made by Apple. Now, none of the features that aren’t stable or performing well under the testing phase will be added while rolling out. These things are collected from reports and the changes were discussed in their internal meeting. Unstable or developing features are to be kept on hold rather than adding them in an updated half baked. Such features can be used by a testing team using the ‘Flags’ configuration menu by enabling them manually.

Reports say with this approach to software development and testing Apple can perform better with iOS14. iOS 14 after going through such testing will be performing better for customers and will be much more stable compared to how iOS 13 performed. As per reports ‘Azul’ is the term used for this process used for testing iOS 14 and a similar process will be used for other OS like WatchOs, iPadOS, MacOS, etc.

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