New PlayStation 4 controllers may with touchscreen

Sony has published updated patent in last month which seems to be a new controller with a built-in touchscreen feature.

This patent file was submitted to US Patent office and it actually has a lot of information about the technology Sony wants to get a hold on.

sony ps4
[Source: PlayStation]
Sony has experimented with interactive controllers in the past like the current LED light bar on the existing PS4 controller which changes the color according to what’s going on in the game but, a touchscreen controllers could really be a hit for Sony, as it would let the sony to show in-game stats, a mini-map etc.

According to the patent, this new controller will be just like the DualShock 4, so it could end up with a version of that controller with a “touchscreen”.

It’s not the first time that someone thought of a touchscreen controller because in the past gaming consoles like Nintendo’s (failed) Wii U or if you back further in the gaming history with the Sega Dreamcast(failed).

However, the developers haven’t really considered Sony’s existing DualShock 4 touchpad will consist of anything other than a very large pause button, and adding a screen on PlayStation controller will just likely increase its price.

Let’s hope that the Sony will be that company to get the screen-controller idea right according to users demands.

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