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New Moto RAZR Phone is Coming soon and we have enough Leaks

Motorola is not new in the game of smartphones and there are a lot of moto customers that are eager to see what’s next as Moto Razr is coming soon. New Moto Razr is all set to launch this month and the internet is filled with all the renders and leaks. The closer launching date gets the more we come to know through leaks. The launch is set on the 13th of November and enough leaks are provided to know what we are going to see on the phone. Part of this phone that makes it unique right now is it’s folding feature that we are getting it to mimic the flip phone effect.

Moto RAZR Phone

This is one of the most anticipated devices of this year and it was mentioned by Motorola earlier this year but than got lost. A series of many new concepts of smartphones is seen this year and foldable was one of them. Moto Razr just bought back the old lost flip phone concept that we all have been missing all these years. The changes include there are not hard touchpad and we are getting a touch screen to use.

The specifications are also quite known more or less that includes the processor that is Snapdragon 710 along with 4 GB of RAM. The display is 6.2-inch and resolution is 876 × 2142 while the phone is flip phone so it folds from the middle. When folded this flip phone has a smaller screen with a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels. This smaller screen on the fold is similar in design to the old version of this phone. Unlike other foldable phones, this one is smaller and more pocket-friendly while there are still a lot of things to be revealed.

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