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New Messaging App by Instagram: Threads

Instagram as a social media website is one of the most popular that we have around for connecting to people. The app itself has all the features that include videos, pics, messaging and calling, etc to people on Instagram. There is a large number of active users on Instagram and it’s holding a good enough position as a social media platform. Now Instagram has decided to come up with something extra for people that like to have personal space. The app named Threads is announced by Instagram made just for users to connect to people they are close to.

New Messaging App by Instagram

Threads app is made for the sole purpose of interacting with close friends that you are connected with on Instagram. You can add shortcuts to for the people you are close to and it is like a private message app just like close friend feature on social media. The app also lets you use all the features from Instagram texting that include emojis, text, photos, videos, etc. Threads app by Instagram will let you have easy adding and removing people from your list as close friends. It might look like an old feature that other social media apps have but yeah Instagram has decided to come up with it as well.

Some extra features are also in the Thread app that includes live or auto status updates for you. When turned on this feature asks for permission to read your location, device movements, and other data. These things help the Thread app to make a status to share with your close friends. When you visit a place the status will check you in it so your friends know you were there. It might seem like a privacy issue to some users but yeah that’s a creative feature that Instagram came up with.

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