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New Gaming Tech By MediaTek Announced

MediaTek is one of the leading chipset makers for smartphones along with Qualcomm on top. For the chipsets to be popular and handy in smartphones it is important that they have good features. One of the things that people expect from a good chipset is that it can run games smoothly. Gaming oriented processors are at high demand and now MediaTek has announced its new gaming HyperEngine technology. This new technology is coming in the G80 series that is coming as a successor of the G70 series. G80 series is similar to the G70 series in a few ways such as both lacks dedicated APU while it has a few more features in it.

The G80 series by MediaTek comes with HyperEngine Tech that is going to give better gaming experience on mid-range phones. It comes with dual ARM Cortex A75 as well as Hexa Cortex A55 CPUs along with the ARM Mali G52 2EEMC2. This goes up to 950MHz in speed making gaming faster and better on devices. MediaTek is doing great in making chipsets for smartphones and has made the series up to G90 after G70 and G80 series. The new HyperEngine Gaming Tech is to come along with the G80 series that got announced.

It might take some time before the new tech would come into action on new smartphones. The SoC is supposed to give better gaming performance and experience on mid-range smartphones. This Chipset and the tech mentioned is going to change a lot for midrange smartphones oriented to gaming. Better gaming performance here goes along with speed uplift that gives rapid gameplay. Longer gameplay is possible with this tech and network connectivity is also enhanced so network and device can sync better while gaming.

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