New Features Of Android 11

Android 11 is finally coming soon as its Beta version is already here and people are testing it on their Google Pixel devices. Android 11 Beta version is only available for Google Pixel devices as of now and you can easily enrol for that. People are eagerly waiting for Android 11 and it will come soon. Right now we have its Beta version and it has new features which we can expect in the official Android 11 release with some bug fixes. Let’s talk about new features of Android 11 so let’s get onto it.

In Android 11, we will see a new notification panel and a new look of quick settings. We will see our music player in the quick settings which will be very helpful unlike Android 10 in which we get music player in notifications. This feature was needed and they added it so let’s just wait for the official build of Android 11. The Android 11 Beta version also has some more features which are new for us like the inbuilt screen recorder which was not available in Android back then but Android 11 Beta has this feature.

When you turn on the Airplane Mode in Android 11, it won’t turn off the Bluetooth. Unlike other Android versions in which it kills the Bluetooth after enabling the Airplane Mode. This feature will be helpful for a lot of users because what if the user has connected wireless earphones/headphones to their devices? They’ll have to connect it again by turning on the Bluetooth. In Android 11, you won’t have to turn it on because it won’t get turned off by Airplane Mode. These were some of the most useful features which you will definitely get in Android 11 official build.

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