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New features Come in Google Photos web in New update

Google photos app on android is full of features and new features keep coming with new updates released by Google. Last year Google photos were updated with an advanced video editor that allows editing videos while later more features were added with time. Features like dark mode, search text in photos, express backup, etc were brought to Google photos with updates over time. This time Google has decided to bring this video editing feature to Google photos Web with the new update that it’s getting. Video editor for Web interface of Google photos comes with a new timeline editor for movies.

As the video editor may seem it is not quite at the same level as the android’s Google photo app and still needs time to get to that level. Basic functions like adding videos, live photos, photos, to the editing timeline, changing the sound, trimming and repositioning of the same can still be done with this video editor on Google photos web. Not a lot of things can be done given the update is new and feature needs time for bringing more that can be done. Things like adding filters, texts, and other things are still not possible with this editor.

Lack of some basic and commonly used features sure drags the video editor back among the other option available out there. The existence of this update for Google photos web is good news and maybe with some fewer features but it is still a step forward. The lack of features that are listed or not listed is probably going to come in future updates. It’s Google and that’s what makes the updates more reliable for new features that will be coming with time.

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