New features are being tested for Google Photos

As first introduced with Google News in 2018, the grid of icons for contacts and apps are replaced by two carousels.

This decreases the height of the share sheet but the point which is most important is that it helps in obviating the lag associated with waiting for contacts and app sharing to load.

Google Photos

Users won’t be accidentally tapping a sharing target as the direct share contacts finish loading.

This share sheet redesign is currently in the testing phase for Google Photos of Android.

At the top, there is going to be a search where you can enter your name, phone number, or email address. At the bottom, there is a carousel of contacts, including ones from Photos, with a “More” item at the very right opening a full-screen menu.

Sharing targets from installed apps can be found at the bottom, though the first two are “Create link” and “Shared album” just like before.

Sharing menu of the Photos is now shorter than before, which is going to allow the users to preview the images in larger space.

But there is bad news for people who love landscape photos because unfortunately, it is going to be cropped into a square. Other aspect ratios, like portraits and screenshots, are shown in full, and benefit from the larger screen real estate.

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