New Feature Getting Added In WhatsApp Soon To Make Conversations More Interesting

WhatsApp is the most used platform right now for chatting and video calling as WhatsApp offers really good features. WhatsApp and its animations are classy and people are obsessed with WhatsApp and it’s User Interface. There are a lot of premium features available in WhatsApp already but WhatsApp is getting a new feature soon. As we all know that we can send images to each other on WhatsApp and emoticons and now WhatsApp is adding animated stickers too. Previously we could send stickers but now we will have animated stickers for a better experience.

WhatsApp is an application all the users should have now because we can do a lot of things through WhatsApp and can socialize while staying at home with the help of WhatsApp. The company is trying to improve the quality of WhatsApp while it’s already good and new features are getting added. Animated stickers will be liked by many users and it will be easy to express feelings through animated stickers. Some users have got the update and they are using animated stickers and liked them so much.

We can expect WhatsApp to launch this new feature anytime soon and users are going to love it. Sign up for the Beta program of WhatsApp to get this feature even sooner than others as it is very simple. You can sign up for the Beta program of WhatsApp easily on Android and iOS and it is free. The beta program will get you features which are in testing and you can try them easily before the official launch. Usually, the Beta programs are full but you can try for WhatsApp and maybe there is a place for you.

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