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Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ case leaks reveal camera and fingerprint-reader’s position

Camera + fingerprint sensor or Dual Camera's


A new leak is rolling over the internet revealing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 that seems to be a perfect fit for the CAD renders we have seen earlier of the device. The leaked case is a transparent shell and gives us all the hints about the ports, buttons and the most important thing here is the fingerprint placement of the device.

Which according to this case is not at the front because¬†we have a slot underneath the camera for it, the slot doesn’t seem that big to house a camera, sensor, so it surely has to be for the fingerprint reader. Thus, gives us confirmations that most leaks so far could have been correct. On top of that, the Dual Camera setup made exclusively for the Galaxy S9+ now also holds right, with this leak currently in the picture.

Interestingly, the headphone jack is still present, so a good job there Samsung, but the position has been changed. The only thing remains to be seen now is, how will the front look, an all screen display Pure bezel-less display? Shrunken down bezels from the Galaxy S8. Or is there something else, planned for the Galaxy S9?

The Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and an S9 mini is reported to debut much earlier in 2018 and will use the Snapdragon 845 which was just announced a few weeks ago. And will also have an Exynos variant of the device, the mini variant will probably only get an Exynos chip, that’s what we think, in this case.

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