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New Bug in Android devices causing Battery Drain

Seems like bugs are getting more and more casual in all the different devices as its android this time. After Apple, Microsoft now its Android coming up with major bugs causing trouble to users. The issue that users are facing causes battery drain and it is happening due to Google’s assistant. The Google assistant is a virtual personal assistant by Google just like Apple’s Siri. To use Google assistant more efficiently users can turn on voice command and this issue arises exactly from that feature. The feature seems to be working in such a way that two different devices respond to the voice command. Normally users should only be able to command their own device but now it also makes Google home and pixel devices respond to the command.

Bug in Android devices causing Battery drain

Now the unwanted response by devices on voice command sure is an issue but there is more to it. It was seen on Reddit that many people are facing this bug when calling for Google assistant. After the device responds to voice command it seems to stay awake for a long time. This long time is not sure how long but you might have to shut it down to get rid of that phase.

As the bug seems to be annoying it also causes a lot of trouble by draining the battery of devices. Once the device responds to voice command it goes into the straight power-on state. This state remains as it is until you do something about it causing major power drainage. Not a very minor bug and users need it fixed before they have to charge their phone a few extra times. The users facing this bug should probably avoid calling for Google assistant around other devices that support Google assistant.

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