Netflix no longer offers in-app subscription options on iOS devices

If you are thinking about subscribing to Netflix then you are in bad luck. As Netflix has decided that they are no longer allowing new customers on iOS to pay for the streaming service directly through an in-app subscription.

It is the latest example of a company with a high-profile, a major mobile app rejecting the Apple’s payment system to get more revenue and profit for itself and stop giving the iPhone and iPad maker a cut of every subscription activated within the Netflix app.

[Source: The App Factor]
Netflix confirmed this with a short statement “we no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members”.

At the start of this year, Netflix did experiment with disabling in-app subscription options for Netflix subscribers in different countries, and as of now, Netflix says the experiment has concluded and the change has been made to all of the Netflix platforms.

From now on users will have to start subscription via a web browser like Safari. Users who started the in-app Netflix subscription will be able to pay that way for now.

But the users who are coming back to Netflix and has missed a billing period will be unable to reactivate in-app subscriptions they will have to subscribe through the new method.

An in-app subscription is far more easy and simple from user’s point of view, as it uses the Apple billing info you’ve already got set up on your iOS device.

Netflix for sure made this change to avoid paying subscription fees to Apple. Apple collects a 15-30% commission on all subscription fees during the first year after a subscriber signs up for a service using an iOS app, and 15%every year thereafter.


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