Netflix adds improved playback controls to the iOS app

In order to make its app as optimized as possible so, binge-watching continues for users, Netflix has just released the latest version of its iOS with some new features and improvements.

The latest version of the Netflix app for iOS include the 10 seconds forward and 10 seconds backward button that can also be controlled by tapping twice on either left(back) or right(forward) side of the screen just like YouTube.

[Source: The App Factor]
Before this update, if you have had tried to do that by tapping on either side of the screen just like YouTube’s playback features then it would zoom into the screen and which was so annoying to experience.

Now that Netflix has updated its playback and are similar to those of YouTube’s, most of the frustration would disappear with users easily able to move forward or backward by double tapping. The play/pause button is also bigger than before.

Along with that, the new update also brings a row of options by swiping up from the bottom. The option included in the row are; Episodes, Audio & Subtitles, and Next Episode.

These changes will certainly make the Netflix experience on the iOS app much better than before and somewhat closer to its TV counterpart.

The latest version of the Netflix iOS app is available to download from the App Store.

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