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NASA’s Exploration Tech Contracts winners include SpaceX and Blue Origin

NASA on 27th of September came up with the awards for the tech companies that helped NASA in different ways. The awards that exceeded the amount of $40 million were given to 14 of the tech companies among which were Blue Origin and SpaceX. These companies were awarded for assistance in tech that was provided and the help in the near future. It was also a small push to the work and spirit to move forward with the great ideas and programs. The listed companies were awarded funds and they were to fund the programs themselves with minimum funds too depending on their size.

NASA's Exploration Tech Contracts

Blue Origin was the one to get the biggest award of $10 Million for working on the tech that can do liquefaction and storing of hydrogen and oxygen. This tech can make organic production possible on the moon and other planets as per NASA. It made sense to use the ice found on the moon by the lenders such as Blue Moon Lander. Next was SpaceX with $3 million for working on NASA’s Marshall flight space centre. SpaceX is to work on prototypes that can be used to refuel starships in space. It could be possible by a vessel that is released from earth to refuel the starship in space.

Accion Systems worked on thrusters and for that, they got $3.9 million to make them more efficient with power and mass. There were some other companies as well such as CU aerospace and ExoTerra Resource that got $1.7 million and $2 million respectively for different work. Some other companies were also awarded a different amount as funding for precious work that they can do for NASA.

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