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Mushkin Brings Affordable SSDs To Market

SSDs are something that you wouldn’t want to compromise with for quality but they aren’t so cheap. Prices of SSDs have increased slowly over time and the same has happened so far till 2020. Not many were expecting anything like a cheaper or affordable SSD series to get launched. In 2020 while it’s a fresh start there is not much of a price hike to be seen in SSD price new SSD series by Mushkin is here. On Amazon, the new Mushkin Pilot E series got listed and it is actually affordable compared to other options.

There are three SSDs that are listed with the 500GB model coming at $74.99 and the 2TB model for $249.99. There is another 1TB model but it isn’t in stock for now and the price is yet to be revealed. The price seems to be good and so are the features of these SSDs as these are actually fast. Mushkin’s SSDs come with 3D TLC NAND flash memory along with a Silicon Motion 262 controller. You can’t really expect these to show the greatest speed without providing them with the X570 motherboard. The pilot E 2TB has a speed of 3,500MB/s seq. read and 3,100MB/s seq. write, Pilot E 1Tb has 3,500M/s seq read and 3,000MB/s seq. write, and Pilot E 500GB has 3,500 MB/s seq. read and 2,300MB/s seq. write.

Mushkin did a great job of bringing such an SSD series that is featuring good speed at an affordable price. Not long ago reports were suggesting a price hike in SSDs following rise in the cost of NAND flash memory chips. Normally anyone would expect the price to be followed according to competition yet Mushkin bought it down. It is a good sign but nothing can’t be said of how the SSD market will change after this.


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