Mozilla to sell VPN subscriptions through Firefox

It is said by Mozilla in an official statement that they will be running an experiment where few Mozilla Firefox users will be allowed to buy VPN subscription of ProtonVPN as reported by ZDNet. According to Mozilla, they picked ProtonVPN for this feature because of some factors like transparency and data retention policies.

From 24th October, the ad will be shown for some chosen US-based Firefox users who are running the latest version Firefox 62 on PC. There will be an ad shown on the top right corner of your Firefox window that will allow you to sign up for this subscription.

[Source: Mozilla]
Mozilla will be going to offer ProtonVPN’s services for $10 a month, which is exactly the same as buying the package directly through ProtonVPN. The majority of the profit from ProtonVPN subscriptions by using Mozilla will go into Mozilla’s account.

This deal seems like legit and fair but more important ads for a subscription service that will be built into a browser. If the program proves successful, ProtonVPN says it could be made available to more than 300 million Mozilla users. Both the companies Mozilla and ProtonVPN are advertising that the users will have good will about paying in order to support their “shared goal of making the internet a safer place.”

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