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The Motorola Moto-folio is the cheapest Moto-Mod yet

Motorola announced a new moto mod, and it is now also available for sale, and it is also the cheapest moto-mods yet from Motorola. The moto-folio is what Motorola is calling it and as the name suggest this is a flip-folding case/cover. It is available for sale on Motorola’s site for just  $11.24 and comes in various colors such as Fine Gold, Grape Juice and also in Super Black.

Moreover, like every other moto-mod, this also attaches at the rear of your Moto Z smartphone be it from any generation. It is compatible with the Moto Z 2016, Moto Z Play (2016) and also with all Moto Zs launched in 2017 and also which come under the Droid branding and are sold on Verizon.

Image Courtesy: motorola. comThe moto is pretty thin it is as thin as the Style Shell moto-mod, and weights at just 55gms, if you own a Moto Z 2016 which is the thinnest premium smartphone on the market yet and if think it feels very lightweight due to its thinness, you should consider the moto-folio flip on-case.

Furthermore, earlier Motorola also launched a couple of moto-mods namely the Vital Moto-mod which is the most expensive moto-mod yet at $395, while the Physical qwerty moto-mod which also comes with backlit keys goes on sale for just $99. Lastly, the Chicago based tech giant will also hold transform your phone challenge to prep out new Moto-mods ideas, for 2018 moto-mods. Apart from that, there’s a massive leak, which revealed almost every phone from Motorola’s 2018 line-up.





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