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Motorola Edge Plus Renders Show The Triple Camera

Smartphones are a hot topic for some years now with huge competition among them. The number of smartphone manufacturers has also increased over a few years. Each of the manufacturers is trying to get lead in the market with different devices. Some are making affordable devices while others are making outstanding expensive devices. Among all the different devices the most superior device is the one representing the company their flagship. Flagship devices are usually made by keeping in mind the specs that are most suited with a premium design. Motorola is bringing its new flagship soon calling it Motorola Edge Plus.

Not much was revealed on this Motorola’s Flagship device until now as the renders are out now. The renders are part of a leaks that usually is available before the device makes an official show. Motorola is one of the popular smartphone manufacturers and this is the new flagship by them. With the premium design and attractive features  Motorola is bringing Edge Plus to market later. The renders available so far show the triple camera setup and premium waterfall display. The camera, as well as display both, are major specs that make up for a premium flagship.

The leaks show renders that reveal the physical built of Edge PLus that looks similar to that of the Samsung S series. A polish finish on the body is showed in the picture available that is not so overkilling for a flagship device. The curved sides and waterfall display is displayed in the rotating video available in the leaks. From what is leaked the phone is going to be a complete package with Snapdragon 865, up to 12GB of RAM, and a 5,000mAh battery. A huge battery and good processor to compete with current flagships if the leaks are true.


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