More advanced Phishing techniques are being used on Apple users

Apple users are not new to phishing scam attempts, but now the scammers are becoming more advanced and clever that scams are getting harder to differentiate from the actual Apple communication.

Security expert and researcher Brian Krebs highlights one latest phishing scams he has seen, where an incoming phone call seems to be from the official Apple support line.

[Source: iPhoneHacks]
As told by the security researcher, Jody Westby, CEO of security consulting firm Global Cyber Risk, got an automated call on her iPhone saying her that services containing Apple user IDs had been compromised.

The message asked her to 1-866 number, and in the Phone app, the call looked exactly the same from Apple, with the number listed as 1(800)MYAPPLE, the name listed as Apple Inc., and with Apple’s Infinite Loop website.

Westby immediately contact the official Apple support via the through Apple Support page and asked for an employee to contact her.

She was pretty much sure about the call that it wasn’t official, but when looking in her recent calls list, she saw that real support call had been merged in with the fake call.

The scammers were able to spoof the Apple’s phone number and the iPhone was not able to make difference between the real and fake calls, making it look like Westby had, in fact, been contacted by Apple multiple times. Westby told Krebs that:

“I told the Apple representative that they ought to be telling people about this, and he said that was a good point. This was so convincing I’d think a lot of other people will be falling for it.”


To test this, Krebs went on to call the number that the scammers had asked Westby to call, where an automated system said that he had reached the official Apple Support.

After a few minutes, a person responded to that call and asked the reason behind that call. Krebs said that he was told to call about a breach at Apple, was placed on hold, and the call disconnected with no resolution.

According to Krebs, these scammers are trying to get personal and financial details from Apple users to get payment, perhaps for tech support services.

If you get any such call, it is better to contact the official Apple support for it.

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