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Mircosoft Shows New Windows Start Menu

Changes are an important part of the development and so there are upgrades for betterment. Products and services get modified to bring better performance with upgrades. One such upgrade was rumored to be made by Microsoft in the most iconic Start Menu of Windows. While Windows is widely used around the world Start Menu has been an iconic feature. Through the different versions of Windows Start Menu, the feature is passed down and now Microsoft decided to bring changes in it. Earlier this was just a rumor but now Microsft has finally revealed it officially.

Such change might seem unnecessary to many but Microsoft has it sorted for its own reason. It was during the insider podcast that Microsoft said this was to make Start Menu more Uniform. The changes are made to make it uniform from the previous form that was somewhat chaotic. It was not confirmed before but now the images are available showing the first look of the new Start Menu of Windows. The current form of Start Menu is busy as per Microsoft and this needed to be simplified for users. Finding apps and using Start Menu is optimized with this upgrade of Start Menu.

The major change that could be pointed out is the change in live tiles that could be removed. Live Tiles have been around for some time in Start Menu and were used on Windows Smartphones as well. Static tiles are used in the new Start Menu of Windows but Microsoft has said Live Tiles are not completely gone. People that prefer to have Live Tiles can still use them but it’s not clear how this is happening. Not much will be changed but to make the Menu simple and easy to use the Start Menu will be mad less chaotic.


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